The Kursana Consortium operates in the sector of social assistance and health services, aimed specifically at the Third Age sector.
The Kursana brand is present internationally with services and activities developed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia and Italy, managing overall and integrally over 14,000 beds and developing a European turnover of over 150 million euros.
Initially, Kursana’s operations were concentrated in the sector of the management of residences for the elderly, but subsequently the Company expanded the range of services offered, ranging in sectors that are now not limited to the area of ​​senior citizens alone.
Currently Kursana, which in Italy operates as a Consortium of Social Cooperatives (while abroad it assumes the legal status of capital company), manages, permanently or temporarily, services in the fields of social assistance, health and rehabilitation aimed at individuals, businesses, public bodies such as Municipalities, Provinces, Regions and ASL.


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