Feelera is an innovative start-up created with the aim of responding to the need for innovation of companies that wish to develop and communicate business models oriented towards transparency, equity, environmental and social sustainability.

It offers a digital service that combines innovation and knowledge of production processes, based on the integration of three main activities:
Tracing the path of a product and processes along a supply chain.
Mapping and enhancing networks between enterprises in an ecosystem.
Telling with indicators the “good impact” results generated.

Feelera’s integrated and customized system of digital tools and consulting makes it possible to “tell” the story of products, show the stages of all processes, both of the individual enterprise and of complex and integrated systems of supply chains, and communicate the impact generated.
In this way, Feelera transforms traceability into transparency and creates value for enterprises, helping them to:
Differentiate themselves in the market by focusing on their identity and originality.
Strengthen their reputation towards all stakeholders.
Approach and engage customers and consumers to create strong and lasting bonds of trust.
Feelera also offers highly customizable transparency technology, through which tailor-made solutions can be designed and implemented in different areas, such as corporate and territorial welfare, or the community or nonprofit world.

Application fields

  • Agrifood
  • Circular Economy
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Energy and Environment