Domina is an IT provider dealing with innovative and customised software solutions for industrial companies. Active since 1998, we are leader in the Textile & Apparel sector, with the design, development and installation of complete and reliable integrated software management systems.
Domina business management solutions are developed with a user-friendly, smart and intuitive approach. Essential for agile and participative management, these software systems are designed to meet the new challenges of T&A: from digitalisation to supply chain traceability. Among the activities for the transition to a more sustainable textile industry, Domina also deals with new digital certification methods, supported by Blockchain technology.
Alongside customisation and flexibility in the design of our tools, we guarantee a customised IT consultancy service, with a team of high-skilled professionals, focused on the optimisation of production processes and the digital switch.
Domina has long experience in EU-funded design, and is active in the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe frameworks working on projects with a focus on circular economy, with the involvement of a dedicated team.