We specialize in creating customized studies and market research to best meet the needs of our customers, just like a tailor creates a tailor-made suit for his customer.

As a high-class tailor, we take care to listen carefully to the specific requests and preferences of the customer. We carefully analyze market needs, industries of interest, business objectives and the unique challenges our clients face. This thorough understanding approach allows us to develop customized market research and ad hoc studies that provide relevant and useful information.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that every company and every market is unique, so we offer a highly personalized service that is perfectly suited to each client’s needs and objectives.

Strategic paths

  • [aree_tecnologiche] Big Data & Analytics
  • [aree_tecnologiche] Internet of Things
  • [traiettorie] Artificial Intelligence
  • [traiettorie] Blockchain & Web3
  • [traiettorie] Web & Mobile

Application fields

  • Culture and Tourism
  • Education and Training
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mobility
  • Smart Building
  • Social Innovation


Via Umberto Forti 6, 56121, Montacchiello, Pisa (PI)


Foundation year