Bmind aims to develop a platform for personalized psychological well-being. In today’s society, mental wellness is becoming increasingly central to people’s personal and professional lives. A person who is well with themselves leads a happier life and contributes to spreading well-being.

By accessing our platform, thanks to an innovative matching algorithm based on a cutting-edge AI model, users will be able to meet the psychologist most suited to their needs online. Similarly, psychologists will be assisted during the psychological support process by the tools provided by Bmind. All of this will lead to greater effectiveness of therapies and a reduction in drop-out rates, while keeping the service accessible to all.

Strategic paths

  • [traiettorie] Artificial Intelligence
  • [traiettorie] Web & Mobile

Application fields

  • Health and Wellness
  • Social Innovation


Via Alfonso Lamarmora 72, 10128, Torino


Foundation year