Orway is a deep tech startup founded by a team with 25+ years of experience in biometrics with a purpose to offer a strongly requested biometric authentication solution, anticipated and requested by the digital security market.
Our solution frees you from the following problems affecting currently existing biometrics: enrollment refusal due to “bad” (noisy) biometric data (13% of population) and spoofing/liveness control (fake) of biometric data. We have fundamentally solved these issues which makes Orway RFA-technology disruptive, as it enables authentication applications to be completely free of secondary factors which these days are obligatory: passwords, PINs, etc.
For other markets (Access Control, Border Control, AFIS, etc.) this new technology has functions that can offer deal maker opportunities too.

Strategic paths

  • Cyberecurity

Application fields

  • Government
  • Mobility
  • Smart Building


Micro Enterprise



Via Alfonso Lamarmora. 16 10128 Torino (TO) Italy

Foundation year