myDonor® Benefit Society

myDonor® places at the centre of all its activities the relationship with People, Supporters of the non-profit organisation and the ecosystem that surrounds them. This applies both to fundraising activities and to transparency actions towards all its Stakeholders. Moreover, it makes their behavioural history, the journey through time that every organisation should undertake with them, its relational centre. To donate one must feel part of the organisation’s mission; to be part of it one must feel involved.

Placing the person at the centre of the non-profit organisation means making him or her a participant in all the initiatives promoted, giving him or her evidence and transparency in every action undertaken. It means making them feel constantly and constantly involved in achieving the organisation’s mission, and getting the most out of their willingness to donate and support us, not only financially. The aim is to make them go from being simple Donors to being Donors of their own mission.

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