moltosenso is an Italian SME, focused on developing innovative solutions, based on networks of smart and wireless objects, composed by sensors and actuators remotely controlled by a reliable and cross-platform software. moltosenso sums up an R&D path, developed within academical contexts (Politecnico di Torino, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella of Turin, MIT, UC Berkeley) and during national and international consulting projects for leading industrial and financial players.
So, since its establishment, moltosenso was ready to satisfy the control requirements of a wide range of clients, thanks to a patented modular system, easy to adapt to plurality of needs.

Strategic paths

  • (Big) Data Analytics
  • Advanced Computing
  • Cyberecurity
  • Internet of Things

Application fields

  • Energy and Environment
  • Security
  • Smart Building


Micro Enterprise


Corso Francesco Ferrucci 112 - Blocco B 10138 Torino (TO) Italy


Foundation year