Informatica System

INFORMATICA SYSTEM is a System Integrator, present on the market since 1982 by the will of a group of experts from the R&D sector of Olivetti SpA.

It therefore boasts over thirty years of experience in the analysis, design, development and supply of hardware and software platforms, WEB solutions and complex IT and telecommunication systems in different market segments: small and medium-sized enterprises, public and private entities, schools and universities , technical studies, sport & timing. In all the sectors in which they operate (industry, commerce, agriculture and services), its customers have found, thanks to the software and technologies of INFORMATICA SYSTEM, the most innovative solutions to manage and control their processes, human and financial resources and better manage their customer / user base.

Application fields

  • Agrifood
  • Government
  • Manufacturing


Small Enterprise


Piazzetta del Borgo 1 12080 Vicoforte (CN) Italy

0174 5800

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