Multidisciplinary company that promotes an innovative approach to Cultural Heritage, advanced services in the design and construction of public works and infrastructures, specialized surveys of the territory, integrated analysis of data and communication strategies.
Founded in 2002, over the years Akhet has designed and built complex GIS systems and used the most modern 3D scanning technologies to carry out territorial studies and virtual reconstructions that have recreated immersive and interactive environments and to manage, analyze and interpret heterogeneous data . Dedicating itself in recent years to the development of new solutions to tell the past by communicating it to the present, adapting the languages ​​and proposals to the requests of an increasingly varied and demanding public, in 2017 Akhet became an Innovative SME, with the aim of enhancing the projects of research and development carried out internally, opening them to the demands of a continuously and rapidly evolving cultural heritage market

Strategic paths

  • [traiettorie] (Big) Data Analytics
  • [traiettorie] Artificial Intelligence
  • [traiettorie] Web & Mobile

Application fields

  • Culture and Tourism
  • Digital media
  • Education and Training
  • Energy and Environment
  • Government


Small Enterprise


Loc. Closellinaz n. 44/A - 11010 Roisan (AO)

+39 016 5260322

Foundation year